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We meet at 12:10 PM on Thursdays
at the Symposium Restaurant
1620 East 8th St.
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03/30/2017 Meeting

Dr. David Wittman, Associate Professor, Physics Dept., UC Davis, will speak on "Anatomy of a Merger: Using Galaxy Cluster Collisions to Learn About Dark Matter."

Dr. Wittman earned an A.B....

04/13/2017 Meeting

Dr. Geerat Vermeij, Professor of Geology and Paleobiology in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Davis, will speak on "How to Build a Healthy Economy-Learn from Nature."


Speakers Wanted!

We are always interested in community members speaking to our club at our luncheon meeting about their particular interest, profession or organization. Just send an email ( and we'll be in touch!

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